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SanctuarySet in the world of people with intellectual disabilities, 'Sanctuary' is a touching and funny love story about Larry and Sophie, two people who long to be together in a world that does everything to keep them apart.

Boneyard Boys

Boneyard BoysAn ailing and aging, semi-famous rock star living with his daughter, is forced to move into a retirement home to make room for his soon-to-be grandchild. Angry and bitter, he must somehow find a way to come to terms with his new surroundings, even if it means joining a band of geriatric misfits.

Less Than Human

Less Than Human A partially reconstructed animated documentary and interactive virtual reality (VR) computer game. Globalization drives modern-day slavery; a migrant to Thailand is trafficked and sold to the sea as a slave. This groundbreaking and immersive, interactive journey is at the crossroads of storytelling, journalism and the mechanics of experimental games.

The Cause of Progress

The Cause of Progress Tells the story of of the lives of three Cambodians caught up in the country’s chaotic and often violent socioeconomic progress. Set against an on-going political crisis and the growing wave of civil unrest that is shaping modern-day Cambodia.

66 Degrees North

66-North After losing his entire crew at sea, an afflicted captain with a grim secret is offered a second chance at life, but must risk death to save his family from the unforgiving ghosts of his past.

Plan Z

Cause of Progress A trawler gets its nets get caught on something at the bottom of the ocean, putting into motion a series of events, which will potentially put the entire crew, if not the world, in harms way.

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol A special branch of the United States Border Patrol (USBP) made up of highly trained X-Games athlete-agents, patrol the desolate and dangerous Rocky Mountains along the US/Canadian border, on the lookout for terrorists, drugs and arms smugglers, human traffickers, contraband, ruthless criminals and reckless thrill seekers.


Production & Co-productionGaelic Curse, (2015)– Director: Jack Conroy - 90 minute TV films
Saol (2014) – Director – Paco Torres - 90 minute feature film.
Jack Taylor Series – SHOT DOWN (2014)- 90 minute TV films for ZDF and TV3, BAI Director Stuart Orme – German/ Irish Co-production.
Jack Taylor Series –  PRIESTS (2013)  - 90 minute TV films for ZDF and TV3 Director Stuart Orme – German/ Irish Co-production.
Jack Taylor Series – THE SORROWS (2013) - 90 minute TV films for ZDF and TV3 Director Stuart Orme – German/ Irish Co-production.
The Yank (2012)” 90 mins Feature Film  (USA/IRL) Dir: Sean Lackey
“The Cause of Progress” – 4 x 40 minute documentary series (IRL/UK) Dir: Chris Kelly – NIS & Irish Film Board. – In post-production
“Nowhere in Particular - (2012)” 20 minute short - 35mm (IRL/UK) Dir: Mason Cardiff
A Door a Jar - (2011)”  16mm – Feature Documentary - 90 mins – (IRL) Dir: Patrick Jolley – Irish Arts Council & DIFF. Premier – Dublin Film Festival, Galway Film Festival & Cork Film Festival
 Production: “Good Cake Bad Cake”  (2011) Feature Documentary – 90 mins - Arts Council & Irish Film Board (IRL) Dir: Shimmy Marcus – Premier - Dublin Film Festival
2 Graves (2011)” feature film -90 mins – RED (IRL/UK) UK Distributor Trinity Entertainment – Dir: Yvonne McDevitt
Soul Boy (2010)”, feature film- 90 mins – 35mm (UK) Dir: Shimmy Marcus UK/Irish Distributor Soda Pictures.
Swansong – the story of Occi Byrne” feature film  - 90 mins – 35mm (IRL/Germany) Dir: Conor McDermotroe – Irish Film Board, Arte, RTE, Kinowelt , Eurimages & Section 481. Irish distributor – Cinema North West.. Nominated for six IFTA awards Winner: Best Actor – Martin McCann
Breaking Boundaries – the Story of the Irish Cricket Team – TV Documentary 56mins –  (IRL) Dir: Paul Davey & Shimmy Marcus – Setanta Sports TV, BBC NI & BAI
Dot Com” feature film - 90 min 35mm (Portugal/Spain/Brazil/UK/IRL) Dir Luis Galvao Teles. The Irish Film Board, ICAM, ICAA, Canal +, Eurimage.
“Johnny Was”- feature film - 90 mins 35mm (IRL/UK) Director Mark Hammond – The Irish Film Board & NIFTC.
Headrush”feature film - 90 min (Irish/UK/Dutch)  - 35mm - Miramax script award 1999 – The Irish Film Board, Rotterdam Film Fund, NPS, Paradiso, RTE, Extravision & Eurimage. Irish distributor – Zanzibar Films
“Sugar”, feature film  -90 min (USA/IRL) – 35mm – The Irish Film Board and Northern Irish Film & TV commission. Director – Paddy Jolley/Reynold Reynolds
“About Europe”, feature film - 90 min (France/Italy/Ireland) – 35mm – Media, Arte, Canal Poland & RTE  – Directors, Solvig Anspach & six European directors.
“Ivor the Insomniac”, 3 minute short, 35mm – The Irish Film Board, Director Shimmy Marcus<
“Iníon an Fhiaclóra”, 28min Short, 35mm – TG4 &The Irish Film Board – Oscailt Award – Director - Jacqueline O’Neill.
“Deich gCoisceim”, 25 min Short, 35mm TnaG & The Irish Film Board - Oscailt Award - Director - Pearse Lehane.
“Odd Sock” Filmbase/RTE Award, 35mm - Director – Colette Cullen.
“Gravity”, 3 min Short, 35mm - Director - Romek Delimatra.
“Zanzibar”, 25 Min short, 35 mm – Director - Chris Roche.
“RoadRunner”, 10 min Short, 35mm – Director - Dochy Lowe.
“Smile” - Simon Carmody - Pop promo. Director - Jim Sheridan
“Late, Late Show” - Title Sequence - 35mm. Director John Hayes.
“RTE Guide” Commercial - 35mm. Director - John Hayes 
Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Skin & Bastiaan Ragass,  - Pop Promo
“City People”, 5 part Chat show with Cable Link
“Home” - Galway Film Centre/RTE Award, 10 min, 35mm.
“The Exchange” - Arts Council Award, 10 min, 35mm
Guinness, XtraVision, Cadbury & Knorr Commercials,- Director, Lionel Mill
Club Orange & Tayto Demo Commercials, 35mm -Director, Mary Mullen.
"7th Heaven”, Director Shimmy Marcus. 35mm,10 mins.
“Baby Blue” - Director Mary Kelly. - 35mm, 15 mins.

Executive Production
“Recoil” - TG4 & The Irish Film Board – Oscailt award- Director – Billy Concannon, 35mm, 15 mins.
“A Dublin Story – RTE/Filmbase short, Director Graham Cantwell, 35mm.
“Clare Sa Speir”, - TG4 & The Irish Film Board – Oscailt award- Director Audrey O’Reilly, 35mm, 15 mins.
“Limbo”, - Director Ann Crilly – 35mm, 26 mins.
“Pluck”, - RTE & The Irish Film Board- Shortcuts Award- Director Neasa Hardiman, 35mm, 10 mins
“Paddy”, Director - Cashell Horgan – Frameworks (Arts Council & The Irish Film Board) 10 min – 35mm
“Aidan Walsh Master of the Universe”, 69mins Documentary – Dir: S. Marcus

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ARABELLA @ Cannes 2015